Dane vonBreichenruchardt

Dane vB

Dane vonBreichenruchardt - Founder, Chair, and President

Dane vonBreichenruchardt is the founder and President of the U. S. Bill of Rights Foundation formed in 1996 in Washington DC.

The Foundation is a non-partisan public interest advocacy organization seeking remedies at law and public policy improvements on targeted issues that contravene the Bill of Rights & related Constitutional law.

He serves on the "Heritage Foundation's Public Interest law Group" and the "Over Criminalization Work Group" and is listed with the Heritage Foundation as a Policy Expert on an array of topics including:

  • Right-to-life issues
  • Government debt
  • Congress
  • Unfunded mandates
  • Federalism
  • Property rights
  • Second Amendment
  • Taxation/tax reform
  • Privacy
  • Regulatory reform
  • Public interest law
  • Judiciary
  • Constitutional law
  • Government waste
  • Executive branch/the presidency

He is a partner in the "Liberty Coalition" and the "National Whistle Blower Center" among many other watchdog, policy and privacy groups.

Dane has just joined with the "Washington D.C. Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society" to teach constitutional law subjects to high school students in a program entitled  "Constitution in the Classroom Project."

He also currently serves as an Associate Policy Researcher for the American Conservative Defense Alliance in Washington DC.                                                                                 

Mr. vonBreichenruchardt  is an aviation instructor and has taught students from both Europe and the U.S.

Upon his returning from active military duty and graduation from college he went on to become department director of cardio-pulmonary physiology in several hospitals in the U.S.

Dane competed on U.S. Air Force pistol Teams, the U.S. All Guard National Guard Pistol Team and qualified for the U.S. Shooting team.

He served in the U.S. Air Force and the Army National guard until 1983.